Workshop – Vegetable Gardening in Different Ways?


Mick Manfield


This workshop will cover and compare the different methods of growing vegetables outdoors, traditional row gardening, container growing, raised bed growing and permaculture growing.


Mick emigrated to Canada in 1999 after a 23-year career in the British Army and learned to garden in England alongside his Dad and Granddad.

Mick gardens on a 1 acre lot in Lockport where he grows vegetables in a Square Foot Garden that measures 32 ft x 32ft. In this garden he grows 50 different varieties of vegetables, salads, herbs and fruits.

Mick is a certified Square Foot Gardening Teacher, Master Gardener and Master Composter. Mick is passionate about gardening and learning new gardening techniques.

Over the last 4 years Mick has presented workshops on Square Foot Gardening techniques, Seed Starting, planning your Vegetable Garden, Basic Gardening for newcomers to Manitoba, Backyard Composting and Owning a Hobby Greenhouse to gardening clubs, community clubs, small businesses and at Gardening Saturday.

Mick serves on the Board of Gardens Manitoba as the current President.