Workshop – (Splitting with Prairie Gem Hops) Hop to it! You Can Do a Basic Brew


Barret Miller – Open Fire Brewing Instructor at FortWhyte Alive

Sandra Gowan- Owner Prairie GEM Hops


Making beer at home can seem mysterious and difficult. It’s actually not! If you can make pasta, or bake bread, you can brew beer. Learn the basics, and how to select local ingredients to make fresh, delicious beer, customized to your taste. Also, to provide an overview of what is involved with a small scale commercial hop yard and information on growing these amazing plants


Usually found in the urban wilds at FortWhyte Alive, Barret enjoys a good beer now and again – but enjoys the brewing process just as much! He believes
anyone can make excellent beer, and enjoys teaching others to do so.

Sandra has been growing hops since 2009. Having lived all of her life on the family farm, she took an interest in agriculture and growing plants at an early age. Sandra has a Diploma in Biological Technology and two Prairie Horticulture Certificates (Greenhouse Crops and Nursery Crop Production).