Workshop – Keeping Bees (and Your Neighbours) Happy and Healthy


Kathryn MacKenzie


Keeping bees in an urban or public setting should include a full site analysis and weighing of the pros and cons of beekeeping. Come to this workshop if you are thinking of trying small scale beekeeping and want more information about what it might involve.


Experienced in the world of community gardens, market gardens and food security, Kathryn is currently a Vocational teacher (Horticulture) and K-8 educator at Brandt-Argyle School in Argyle, Manitoba. During her time at FortWhyte Farms as the Farm Program Coordinator, and when working for the Province of Manitoba’s Northern Healthy Food Initiative, she lead workshops on bees and beekeeping for people of all ages. An avid gardener and beekeeper she has kept bees in an urban backyard and assisted with the apiary at FortWhyte Farms.